Travel Reports


Apr 062017


The 18 year old Christoph offers me a lift on his small sailboat to Jamaica. It is a 22 feet Hurley from 1978. He already sailed it all the way to Guadeloupe from Hamburg, Germany. But at first we need to do some repair work: the hinges of the hatch are broken, someone hit its bow just recently and the rigging needs to be treated against rust, so the mast has to be brought down. It takes us a few days in the marina to finish everything.


May 202015

Departure. We're on our way since 18 May 2015 and we're going slowly, because Albi recently got rid of his wisdom teeth and the effect of meds is still persisting. It's good to walk through well-known realms at first. So we can test out things like baggage, length of the stages and our strength. The first evening already made clear: We have to shorten the daily distances. The backpacks are being re-packed and the baggage is sorted out.


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