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Aug 102015

 "If you let go a little you a will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace." (Ajahn Chah)

Since 10 weeks we are on the road now and little by little it becomes clearer, what we really need. Our backpacks look huge! We always try to put everything inside, so that we don't have to carry extra bags. Still the weight and size bugs us. But it's hard to be prepared for every season at least to a minimum. A warm sweater has to be with you, as well as a rain jacket, sturdy shoes, a scarf, pants, swimming suits, etc. Everyday we ask ourselves how we could minimize our baggage. The biggest things are indeed the guitar and the tent - at least we could manage to pack both inside the backpack. On the other hand we are thinking: "Do we really need the tent?" We used it occasionally, but most of the times we couchsurf or work for board and lodge. In Belgium and the Netherlands it's not that easy to wild camp, because these countries are so densly populated. Though in Great Britain it might be different. We have no real solution! It would be so much more comfortable, to travel more minimalistic. Maybe we are too scared, maybe it's hard for us to let go. It's not easy to transfer minimalistic living at home to a journey - the dimensions are different. The fact is, that we want to reduce, our backpack has to be smaller/lighter. This is how Hanna's backpack looks right now:


And this is Albi's (in both cases it's the front view and we assume, that it is summer and we wear less clothes and sandals):


Well, this is how we try to pack, swap clothes (thanks to 2nd hand), send and leave stuff behind. When we were living in Germany, we could easily buy mainly ecological things, as well as living more minimalistic and produce less waste. We don't want to lose this way of living on the journey and try our best to maintain our behaviour of consumption (less as possible).

Of course, it's only about what we have to buy - staying at host's places we are not critical/fastidious (except being vegetarian), because we think, everyone should live as he/she wants to and may not be judged for it. At least we hope that...

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