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Crossing Denmark

Jul 072015

Itzhoe, 36° celcius, stuffy air. A few hours ago a more comfortable breeze got around us in Denmark. Denmark – we've been there for about one month and the country left a great sensation.

Even if it wasn't that simple to pass the border. Never before we had to put out our thumbs that long. But finally Volker and his truck take us straight to the center of Aarhus (a place to return). We notice a strange undergrounding kindness and helpfulness („strange“ because being German always means to be a bit suspicious of such openness).

For example, in Dollerup Hanne and Kjeld invite us to their home, cook delicious dinners together with us every night and tell us stories about their interesting life with five kids. We don't feel like strangers, but more like old, very close friends of the famliy. And so things take their course. Constantly people ask us where we want to go and if they could help us – we experience the summit of hospitality... We have already gained maximum trust in humanity. As a matter of course everyone helps us, we don't even have to ask for it. In Northern Denmark we meet Hanna's grandparents and treat ourselves to some fine food: fish and soft ice en masse! They take us with them back to Itzehoe, Germany.

And there we're standing in the heat and brace for a night on a park bench. But Dorit saves us! We can put our tent in her family's garden in Neuenbrook – thank God, because the following thunderstorm turns out to be really heavy.

Well, Denmark – it's the country that gave us more than enough happiness hormones and blew a fresh breeze through our journey. We arrived totally optimistic and enthusiastic to Germany and it seems that our streak of luck still lasts. We have learned one smart saying about helpfulness from Marion and Wilfried, who took us to Ostfriesland: „Either you do it with pleasure, or you don't.“ Soon we will go for the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain... America?


Nørre Vorupør


Aarhus, Denmark


Freshly caught prawns in Nørre Vorupør


Hanstholm, Denmark

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